The latest resort on famous Alona Beach, offers you 11 rooms, all fully equipped with aircon, twin or king size bed, private toilet & bath, hot & cold shower, cable TV, Mini-Bar, personal safety deposit box, restaurant, night time security guard, WiFi.

Hayahay Resort is located directly on Alona Beach (beach front).
Hayahay Resort and Genesis Divers are under german/philippino management.
Diving and lodging you can book directly through Hayahay Resort.

Island tours are offered by local tour operators, not by Hayahay Resort.
We can help to arrange it for you, but we are not the tour operator.


Bohol is with almost 4200 km² the 10th biggest island of the Philippines and belongs to Central Visayas; it is located between Cebu (in the west) and Leyte (in the northeast ). Bohol has in the Visayas Visayas an unique topography: the so called “Chocolate Hills”. Consisting of 1,268 haycock hills with heights ranging from 40 to 120 meters, the Chocolate Hills is a wonder of nature, located in the center of the island, near the town of Carmen. The legendary Chocolate Hills has 1268 cone-shape hills which turn green during rainy season and brown (chocolate) during summer.

Some geologists hold that Bohol was entirely submerged in prehistoric times and the hills were formed on the sea floor by volcanic eruptions and subsequently shaped and rounded by submarine currents. Others say that the hills were formed by weathering of a marine limestone formation over impermeable clay stone.

But there is as well a legend and it is far more romantic. Arogo, a young and unusually strong giant, was in love with Aloya, an ordinary mortal. After she died, Arogo wept bitterly and the proof of his deep grief is the Chocolate Hills. They are his tears turned into hills.

85% of the 1 Mio. people on Bohol are living in rural areas. Bohol is mainly producing coconut products. Bohol doesn’t have extreme dry or wet seasons. Two bridges are leading from Tagbilaran to the island of Panglao, located south of Bohol. This small island has probably the most beautiful white beaches of this province. On the south coast of Panglao Island you will find ALONA BEACH. Several resorts, restaurants and dive shops on this 1000 meter beach are specialized on diving tourism. Here you find a broad variety of accommodations (bungalows, rooms) and restaurants (filippino and western cuisine).

Concerns about security

Several years ago, the Philippines had a lot of negative press regarding the safety of foreigners. Reports of tourists being kidnapped by terrorists from Malaysia, and Palawan aren’t a comfortable read. However, we don’t believe there is any reason for concern, and assure you Bohol is safe.

Most of the trouble with so-called Muslim separatists and the infamous Abu Sayyaf group takes place in Southern Mindanao and on the Southern islands of Basilan and Jolo. Bohol is roughly 700 kilometers away from those areas, and when using boats, potential kidnappers will have to travel at least double that distance.